My first ever married wing classical fly. Im proud! Tied according to Timo Kontio

My first ever married wing classical fly. Im proud! Tied according to Timo Kontio

Nice week at the Tay’s Lower Scone beats, landed 2 springers and a hefty pile of kelts.

Back from River Dee. Had quite a nice time. Majority of the catch was still kelts. Maybe i will land that springer next time

Back from River Dee. Had quite a nice time. Majority of the catch was still kelts. Maybe i will land that springer next time

Bonefish sizing chart

I was writing an article about my fishing in AItutaki and came across this nice chart regarding sizing of a bonefish by using the length.

This is taken from a post by Bob Bergqvist
18” = 3.5lb
20” = 4.1lb
22” = 5.1lb
24” = 6.0lb
26” = 7.2lb
28” = 8.6lb
30” = 10.8lb
32” = 13.0lb
34” = 15.6lb
36” = 18.0lb
40” = Dreaming!

Chart is from Kaufman’s Bonefish Book. I’ve found you can often add about 1lb for Pacific bones from 28” and up (as far as 32” anyway, i’d like to check some bigger fish)!
Anyways, hope someone finds this useful. Here the Bone I needed the chart for. Length was 33 inches from tip to fork.

Intruders and mad chinese dragons

It seems that the fishing season here in southern Finland is coming to a close. The weather is getting colder and sea is starting to freeze, thus it is time to get the vice out and start experimenting. 
Second year in a row, I have been experimenting with Intruder type flies. First I tried to copy Ed Ward style flies step by step, but now I have developed an version of it that I like.
Here are few fundamental changes that I have done to the pattern. 
  • I dont have (easy) access to Rhea so I am using Blue eared pheasant and pond heron to substitute. 
  • As I believe that Atlantic Salmons like to hang around a bit faster water than Steelheads, I have increased the underwing support so that the fly does not collapse in the current.
I will upload a picture later on, and maybe do a video as well. Lets see. I am hoping that I have the time on Sunday to go and test these new things on the water, this time targeting sea run browns.
Another thing that I have to try is the Mad Chinese Dragon fly by Matthias Drugge, the video is only in swedish, but just look at the pictures. Thats what I do :)

Preparing for Porsanger Fjord

Phew. It has been a crazy few weeks. Myself, my girlfriend and our dog got a info that we would get a nice new apartment from Lauttasaari.
Thus I have been preparing and moving and renovating and decorating our new place. I cannot say that I would not have enjoyed this, our new place kicks ass.

Now I am writing a list of all the things I need to take with me when we are heading up north tomorrow. I need to find all my cold weather gear etc.
Pack my fly tying bag ( I have tied 4 flies for this trip…) and so on. But it will be a sweet sweet trip. I will be fishing with our “NZ” team, even the main man Johannes is coming to fish with us.

So 11 days of salmon fishing, good friends and good food. Whats not to like! I will keep you posted!

Planning my last (maybe) trip of the season

So I just purchased 4 licesces to Lakselv to chase some silvery atlantic salmons in August.
We are heading to the Porsanger fjord on the 10th of August and coming back on the 21st or so.
This should give us around 10 days to wander around the awesome salmon rivers in that region, Lakselva, Borselva and Stabburselva. Another major plus is that our friend Johannes from NZ is coming to fish with us.How sweet is that! You do meet awesome people when fishing!

Photo © Leena Salonen

Teno experience

Fished 6 days at the great Teno River in northern Finland. Did not catch anything huge, but landed few grilses.
While there i was testing a new 6 pcs. 15ft vision travel salmon rod. And i must say it was awesome!
I came back to southern Finland to handle some Business but i am yearning to go back up north. Need to wait few weeks…

Now i am heading to our HQ to finalize some issues so hopefully we would get our project released in near future. Stay tuned!

Here’s a pic of saku and his grilse

Diving & living in Rarotonga

I think I have enjoyed my stay in Rarotonga as the best place on my travels.
I have had awesome time here, this is mainly due to the awesome people I have met.
So big thanks to Andreas, Linda, Penny and Natalie and all the whole gang at Pacific Divers.
You made the week or so memorable and good fun!

Now of to Aitutaki to chase some bones Watch on Posterous